This will be a crisis simulation (a simulation of the Security Council, rather than the General Assembly, in which you will need to react to events "as they happen"). The topic will be on India/Pakistan relations.

The conference will be on Thursday, May 20 in the library.
All participants will go to A lunch, then the conference will last from 4B through the end of the day.

If you are interested in participating, there is a sign-up sheet in the library. The size will be limited to 15 delegates- the current members of the Security Council- so sign up quickly.

More information regarding permission, preparation, and procedure will be sent out soon.

  • USA: Judy Cuker and Rebecca Gladstone
  • UK: Christine Baik
  • China: Jared Hirsch
  • Russia: Kyle McKibbin and Peter Moller
  • France: Ben Zauzmer
  • Austria: Ryan McCann
  • Japan: Nate Rifkin
  • Mexico: Claire Suh
  • Turkey: Will Schultz
  • Uganda?
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Jon Gewirtzman
  • Brazil: Seth
  • Gabon?
  • Lebanon: Zach Bohm
  • Nigeria: Sam Hotchkiss