Fall 2013 In-School Conference:

UN Special Committee on the Syrian Civil War

Congratulations to all delegates on an awesome conference! It was especially nice to see all of our first time participants do so well.

Here is the resolution we passed:

Special congratulations to our award winners:
  • Best Delegation: Israel— David Miron & Yuval Lev
  • Honorable Mention: United States— Gloria Han, Qatar— Jesse Pearlmutter
  • Distinguished Delegates: China— Robert Liu & Ben She, Iran— Sam Sanavi, Turkey— Henry Hoffman
  • Best Position Paper: Turkey— Henry Hoffman & Adam Simon
  • Verbal Commendation: Syria— Lucile Ionescu

We hope to see everyone at the rest of our events throughout the year!

  • Location: UDHS Library
  • Date: Wednesday, November 27, 2013
  • Time: 7:40 – 11:30
  • Topic: Syrian Civil War
  • Dress: Western business attire or your country's traditional clothing.

Instructions for all participants:

1. Read the background guide. Make sure you know basic conference procedure.
Less experienced members may also want to browse the MUN Conferences page for more information.

2. Research & Write a Position Paper. A useful tool for starting your research is available here. Trustworthy news sources can be found in the sidebar.
A guide to writing position papers can be found here. You can read a sample position paper here.
Submit your position paper to dougxleonard1@gmail.com by Monday, November 25.

3. Get teacher permission. Have each of your teachers sign this form in advance.
Bring it in the day of the conference.

4. Come to the conference prepared! Bring your research, a copy of your position paper (for your own use), and paper and pens for taking notes and drafting working papers/resolutions. The guide to writing position papers can be found below. Please wear Western business attire or your country's traditional dress.

Participating States:

  • Kingdom of Belgium: Andrew Kelly
  • State of Israel: Yuval Lev and David Miron
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: Tom Bantley and John Lee
  • Republic of Turkey: Adam Simon and Henry Hoffman
  • United States of America: Joy Kim and Gloria Han
  • Federal Republic of Germany: Emily Won and Casey Reed
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Alex Liu and Harry Xi
  • Syrian Arab Republic: Debbie Park and Lucile Ionescu
  • State of Qatar: Jesse Pearlmutter and Mark Lunney
  • Russian Federation: Jordan Tzabari and Josh Helzner
  • Islamic Republic of Iran: Reza Zergani and Sam Sanavi
  • Arab Republic of Egypt: Kevin Wu, Dan Warzawski
  • French Republic: Hannah Kidder and Tyler Lawson
  • People’s Republic of China: Robert Liu and Benj She
  • Japan: Jake McKibben and Jordan Friedland
  • Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela: Peter Nysch
  • Islamic Republic of Pakistan: Joey Lunghi
  • Dais: Doug Leonard, Gloria Kim, James Liu and Lauren Korczakowski