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2012 G-20 Student Summit


  • Date: Friday, March 9, 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.
    • Don't go to school; meet at the Fort Washington Train Station at 7:30.
    • Train leaves at 7:49.
  • Location: The Fox School of Business at Temple University
  • Cost: $50/person for registration
    • Bring $10.75 for train tickets
    • Either pack a lunch or bring about $10 to buy one
  • Preparation: Dress in Western business attire. Bring papers, pens, and any research for reference.
  • Remember to sign and return a permission form to Mrs. Mowery.

You must read this information in order to be prepared:

Delegation Assignments:

Brian Day
South Africa
Ruban Kopli
Republic of Korea
Sam Hotchkiss
Gloria Kim
United Kingdom
Jared Hirsch
United States
Jon Gewirtzman
Kyle McKibbin
Carter Merenstein
Peter Moller
Kevin Baik
European Union