external image ga6th.pngSpring 2012 Inter-School Conference:

67th Session of the United Nations General Assembly

Sixth Committee (Legal): Minorities in International Law

  • Date: Thursday, May 3
  • Time: 7:30 AM - 10:45 AM; Pizza lunch will be served afterward
  • Dress: Western business attire or your country's traditional clothing.
  • Location: UDHS Library
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Instructions for Participants:

1. Read the background guide. Familiarize yourself with the Model UN conference procedure, and start thinking about what issues you will be addressing at the conference. Less experienced members may also want to browse the MUN Conferences page for more information.
{guide will be posted here}

2. Choose a country . Each country will be represented by one delegate only. No nation will have veto power or any other formal advantages. The country choices are listed on the GoogleDoc below. Email your full name, high school, and top three available choices to jongewirtzman@gmail.com. You must sign up by April 24.

3. Research & Write a Position Paper . A position paper is a short summary of an issue and what, if anything, your country feels should be done. Useful information about the topic in general can be found at the {UN committee webpage}, but remember to find information for your specific country as well. A guide to writing position papers can be found at: http://www.unausa.org/munpreparation/positionpapers , and you can read a sample position paper here: http://www.unausa.org/munpreparation/positionpapers/sample .
Submit your position paper to jongewirtzman@gmail.com by Monday, April 30 or you may be replaced.

4. Get teacher permission. Upper Dublin students, have each of your 8b-day teachers sign your permission form, and turn it in to Mrs. Mowery by Wednesday, May 4. Guests, please make sure to follow whatever instructions your club and school provide for you.

5. Attend the conference! Come prepared with your research, a copy of your position paper (for your own use), and paper and pens for taking notes and drafting working papers/resolutions. Please wear Western business attire or your country's traditional dress.

Participating Member States: