Conferences are the central activity of Model UN. At a conference, students take on the role of a delegate to the United Nations; researching an assigned issue, their assigned country, and the relationship between the two, then debating and working with other delegates to develop a resolution, or a solution to the issue.

Our club participates in a minimum of one in-school and one out of school conference each year.
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  • The in-school conferences are much smaller- held during a school day, and withjust members of our club. We simulate a General Asssembly debate on a well known issue, and develop a basic resolution. We may also try other simulations, such as a Security Council crisis simulations and historical simulations.
  • The out of school conferences are much larger; held in hotels or conference centers across the country and including hundreds or thousands of students, often from around the country or around the world. Many bodies of UN or other IGOs may be represented, and over a span of one to four days, a very specific, official resolution is created. In the past, we have attended conferences in New York, Philadelphia, Princeton and Washington, D.C.

More information about conferences can be found here: Model United Nations Simulations.

How Do I Prepare for a MUN Conference?
Information on every step of the process, from country assignments to voting on resolutions, can be found on the USA-UNA website here: Particularly important pages include Position Papers, Flow of Debate, and Rules of Procedure; you will definitely need to know these no matter what your level. Pay particular attention to this:; it's a good summary of how a conference works.