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This page will be updated with information about research, procedure, and logistics.

Feel free to contact Jon, Carter, Christine, or Mrs. Mowery with any questions.

*To access resources on the PMUNC website, use the username 'upperdublin' and password 'upperdublin10'.*

PMUNC will be held from Thursday, December 2 to Sunday, December 5 at the East Brunswick
Hilton (there will be time to visit the Princeton campus).

Bus transportation will be provided to and from UDHS.

More information about logistics will be posted as necessary. If you have a question about costs or payment, see Mrs. Mowery in the library.

Country/Committee Assignments

Before choosing a committee, make sure to read about it and the topics it will be discussing. Committee descriptions are available here: http://irc.princeton.edu/pmunc/committeelist.php?sect=mat.

Thank you everyone for submitting your position papers.
  • Macedonia
    • Legal Committee
      1. Jon Gewirtzman
      2. Jared Hirsch
  • Guatemala
    • Human Rights Committee
      1. Christine Baik
    • Special Political and Decolonization Committee
      1. Kyle McKibbin
      2. Carter Merenstein
  • El Salvador
    • Disarmament and International Security Committee
      1. Sam Hotchkiss
      2. Ivy Hwang
    • Economic and Financial Affairs Committee
      1. Peter Moller
      2. Julie Im
    • Commission on Science and Technology for Development
      1. Seth Harrison
  • Uzbekistan
    • Economic and Financial Affairs Committee
      1. Willy Schultz
      2. ´╗┐Allie Hackel

Position Papers & Research

Once you are assigned to a committee, you will need to begin researching.
Read about with your country, its history, its stance on your committee's topics, and, of course, the topics themselves.

The next step is to write your position paper.
This will need to be emailed to Jon (jongewirtzman@gmail.com) no later than Thanksgiving break (Actual date TBA).
Information on writing position papers can be found here: PMUNC Position Paper Guide.

Finally, start preparing for your committee sessions.
Especially if you're new to MUN, familiarize yourself with procedure and writing resolutions.
Information on these can be found here: PMUNC: Rules of Procedure and here: PMUNC Resolution Guide.

The sources below are published by a national MUN organization and may also be helpful.